Sun Castle: A Picture-Prompt Flash Fiction

Hey everyone!! I enjoyed writing the original “Two Picture-Prompt Flash Fictions” post so much, I decided to do it again!!

This flash fiction is called “Sun Castle”, with this picture as the prompt:

(I hold no ownership of this image. All rights go to the creator.)

Without further ado, enjoy!!

Throughout all of Bethsorda the Sun Castle has been recognized as the most beautiful creation in the land. Jacob Rift’s racing thoughts whispered through his mind like a cold wind on a winter night. The flawless brick walls, majestic towers, and banners flapping in the evening breeze are all the citizens see…supported by the clouds that gather underneath, as if keeping it aloft with nothing more than their own strength.

The wizard lifted a cloaked arm to block out the bright rays of sun streaking out from behind the mountain range that would, in minutes, become the sun’s grave. His eyes flitted from each piece of the landscape in front of him from where he stood in a valley between many mountains stretching toward the sky. He saw first the proud flags of the Sun Castle, then to the golden brick that built up the majestic towers. Wrinkles appeared about his eyes, plaguing his smooth, youthful skin. A smile tugged at his lips. Most underestimated his control over magic, scoffing at his title of wizard at such a young age. Young, perhaps, for the most advanced of magic. But old enough to feel pain. And when the bite of pain crawls through every inch of the soul, that soul grows older than the body in which it is trapped in.

Flashes of memory interrupted Jacob’s thoughts, and he winced as if physically struck.

The tortured eyes of those he loved most. Flames curling the skin of his face and hands as he strained with all his might to pull his family from the collapsing building. The sound of squealing and splintering wood as it gave in. Tears cooling his scorched face.

Jacob’s hand swept up to brush that face—badly scarred after the night that had altered his life for eternity. Magic had restored the skin…but not even the most powerful of wizards could cure a scorched, smoldering heart. Perhaps…perhaps it is only vengeance that can do that.

The wizard’s eyes once again rose to examine the Sun Castle, thoughts dwelling on the one man he wished to find inside. The man whose staff had erupted his home into a furnace years ago.

Most only see the front of Sun Castle. The golden brick and clouds shot with pink as the evening wanes. Few actually get close enough to see what lies beneath the clouds. Jacob’s eyes fell below the sunlit clouds, to the dark ones which lay below, where the sun could not reach. They brushed against the tips of the mountains that lay in front of him, and roiled as if in terrible pain. From these clouds flashed spears of lightning, jutting down toward the mountain peaks, causing a purple glint to illuminate the snow.

The face of the castle is seen as a thing of beauty. What lies beneath however, a cruel, vicious force of nature to thwart any attempts to enter. It is a cowardly move for a murderer to hole himself up in his den after his deed. But in this case…the murderer’s den may not be as safe as he thought… Jacob’s eyes fell from the dark sight. He proceeded forward, his boots crunching the rocky terrain, in the direction of the floating fortress. His fingertips appeared from under the folds of his cloak, and, at the will of his mind, lit with dancing bolts of lightning.

Woohoo, and there we have it!! I had so much fun writing this, I hope you enjoyed reading it!!

Until later,

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