3 Awesome Books I Read in 2021

I read quite a few books in 2021. Admittedly, the majority of them were rereads of some of my favorite books. I’m a sucker for rereading great stories! However, I did get around to reading quite a few new novels I’d never read, and there were some in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Today I wanted to highlight 3 of my favorite new reads of 2021!

The Hunger Games

All righty! The Hunger Games! I picked up the first book at a used book sale because I’ve heard about this trilogy so much and wanted to know what it was about!

I have to say, the first book was pretty great! I read it on a beach trip last Summer, and it kept me hooked for the whole thing! I think my favorite part about it was the setting/plot, it was a cool concept and the action sequences were well done!

So, guess what I had to do afterward? Yeah, I bought the last two books! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to read them yet, but they’re on the list, so I’ll be reading them very shortly!! Definitely a fun read.

The Children of Hurin

What can I say but wow! I just love anything written by J. R. R. Tolkien, and The Children of Hurin was no different! I’ve wished many times that Tolkien had been able to write all of these “history” type books as full-on, Lord of the Rings style novels before he died, because they would be some insane stories!! As they are, compiled and edited by Christopher Tolkien, they’re still some great literature! Each one opens up a little more of the history of Middle-Earth, connects the vast world-building, and makes for a good story too!

The Mistborn Trilogy

Woohoohoo! Saving the best for last! I read my first Brandon Sanderson book (Skyward) about a year back I think, and I was immediately hooked with his unique characters and exciting storytelling! I’d heard of his stuff, and knew that he wrote fantasy as well. Me, being a huge fantasy nerd, couldn’t hold off for long! I recently bought the box set of the Mistborn Trilogy, and read through them. They truly blew me away! The unique world-building took me by surprise, as I’d originally expected a good, basic fantasy novel. With its new take on a magic system, well-done characters, and totally unexpected twists, I have to say this is one of the coolest fantasy series I’ve read in quite some time!! really awesome!

And there you have it! Three awesome books/book series I read and enjoyed in 2021!

What books did you read last year? What were some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to chat!

Thank you for reading! Until later,

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