4 Years of Blogging!

4 years. Whoa.

It’s pretty crazy when I look back on it–four years of writing blog posts, interacting with readers, growing and improving in my writing. It’s been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t go back and erase it for the world! It has been so much fun, and so beneficial to my writing journey to have done this for so long.

Blogging was definitely a consistent activity that got me through several things. No matter what was going on, I needed to have a post up every Saturday. That kind of “accountability” I got was so incredible. It kept me writing, and it kept me sharing my writing with the world. Was that writing top-notch, polished, and edited works? Nope! It still isn’t! But the discipline that came with blogging and uploading weekly was great!

Every year in December I still think of that eager 13-year-old kid, typing away on the shared family computer, so hyped to be starting his own blog. I had heard that to be a good author you needed a platform, a place where fans would flock to you and adore your work. I was…a little naive, shall we say? ;P

Now I feel like this place is a public journal–a place to share my thoughts, my poems, my snippets of writing I wouldn’t really share anywhere else.

But at the same time, it feels like a community. The comments readers send sometimes are the coolest things. Being able to engage with and relate to these amazing people means the world to me!

So thank you, readers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The support everyone has shown this little blog, even when I was a thirteen-year-old, has been beyond great, and it’s been such a blessing. I hope that my writing, even in the tiniest way, has helped you. If it has made you smile, made you hope, made you dream just a little more, it was worth it. And for all the writers out there, I really do hope my articles actually help some of you–if one piece of advice I’ve given over the years aided anyone, it’s all been worth it!


After posting 200+ blog posts,

Engaging in 1,500+ comments,

Amassing 11,000+ views,

And gaining nearly 200 followers, (we’re so close!)

it has officially been four years of blogging. And now year 5 is just around the corner. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, and I do hope and pray that the blog posts to come, whether they be poetry, short stories, random thoughts, or articles, would help and impact others in a positive way. If they do, they’re worth it!

Thanks for sticking with me all this time. It means more than you know. Stay strong, never stop dreaming, and keep going! Oh, and stay tuned for a Christmas-themed post coming shortly! I hope you’re all having a good holiday season! πŸ˜‰

Until later,

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