Poem: Rainy Days

The pitter patter of drops on a rainy day,

the heavy heart won’t lift when weather is this way.

No will to smile in the gray light, to laugh or play.


I sit inside, close the blinds, and distract my thoughts.

Hard to feel motivated when I feel distraught.

Is this a normal feeling for an astronaut?


No blue sky overhead, nor puffy clouds above.

No animal sounds, a squirrel’s chirp, a bee’s buzz,

and not a single sound from the cricket or dove.


Then, when I consider it with an open mind,

I’ll see rain’s a gift from God, not a curse assigned

to us to make us feel we’re bleak, empty and blind.


Rain calms natural fires, that before would rage free,

and makes days clear when it’s done, far as I can see.

So when rain comes, I’ll have to see it differently.


Things are not always as they seem at face value,

and hard times are things God has put there to help you.

Don’t jump to negative thoughts, even if it’s true.


And when life does get bad, and you feel too much pain

you could start a fire, grab a blanket and remain

indoors, protected, warm, and sheltered from the rain.

Hey there! Thanks so much for reading this poem. I hope it was an encouragement to you. I had a ton of fun writing it!

That’s pretty much it–not much else to say! Have an awesome day, and share this with a friend if you think it would be a good thing for them to read! 😛

Until later,

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