Poem: Days

This is a poem a wrote not too long ago in a spoken word form. Ever since I discovered spoken word poetry I thought it was so cool, and I think it’d be fun to try out sometime!

Anyway, enjoy the poem! I hope it encourages you and uplifts your day.

There are many days things don’t go right,

days all you can think is flee or fight,

days where dark thoughts creep in spite

of the surrounding and comforting light.


The stress of the world weighs you down

like a backpack filled with pound after pound,

and you fight like a stranded sailor being drowned

but the weight pulls you to your knees on the ground.


Then there are those days where you feel so free.

You appreciate the wind whistling through a tree.

Someone says good morning and you can’t disagree.

Productivity seems to flow through you so easily


and life feels like it’s so worth living.

Laughter fills you, it’s easy giving

to those around you, depression hidden.

Waving goodbye to those days you were bed-ridden.


Days will fluctuate with circumstances and time,

moods and emotions can flip like a dime.

The sweetest moment could turn to a sour lime

and anxiety, once calm, could climb.


But in all these situations there are things steadfast,

things that won’t give, like an anchor holding fast.

There is a God whose power is unsurpassed

and whose love will accept with open arms an outcast.


And even though good days may come and go

and emotions can change and bend like the branch of a willow,

through all of this you must remember and know

that when you trust the Savior of this world, He will never let you go.

I hope you liked that! Would you like to see more poems in this sort of style? I think it’s one of my favorite forms of poetry.

All right, that’s it for this week. Thank you for reading!

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