My 2021 Summer TBR List!

Summer is cominnnng!! *confetti explosion*


*coughs* anyway…anyone else excited?

One thing I want to do a lot of this summer is…reading! You probably guessed that by the title! I love sitting back in a chair on our back porch with a glass of lemonade by my side and read in the light of the setting sun.

So, what better to do than create a TBR list of some of the books I really wanna read? And so my friends, without further ado, enjoy my 2021 Summer TBR list!


I loved the first three novels in the Inheritance Cycle, but like many books, was never able to find the last book at book sales. So I’m thinking of buying a boxed set of this entire series so I can read them all again with nice copies, and finally be able to find out how the story ends!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince/Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I’ve slowly been finding the Harry Potter books at book sales, and have been reading through them. I have the first five books, but the last two I haven’t read! So this summer I’m hoping to buy the entire boxed set so I have a nice copy of them all, and so that I can finish off reading the last two books in this epic series!

Mistborn Trilogy

As soon as I read my first Brandon Sanderson book, (Skyward), I knew that I wanted to read more of his books, if not all of them! So I feel like I should start with one of the most popular trilogies he has written, the Mistborn trilogy! I’m really hoping to get this entire series and read it this summer!

Royal Ranger Book 4: The Missing Prince

You know when a new Ranger’s Apprentice book comes out I have to read it! Unfortunately several of John Flanagan’s latest books have been filled with rather watered down and slightly repetitive plots, but the characters and the wonderful writing always makes them an enjoyable read! This book came out a few months ago, so I really want to read it soon.

These are only a few of the books I hope to read, but definitely the ones at the top of the list. Along with purchasing and reading these books, I also really want to try to start collecting nice box sets of some of my favorite series (e.g. The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olympians) so that I have nice copies of them.

All right, that’s it for me!

What books do you want to read this Summer? Do you have a TBR list? Let me know in the comments!

Until later,

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4 thoughts on “My 2021 Summer TBR List!

  1. I have a TON of books I want to read this summer!

    I bought a few books from Thriftbooks and I’ll get those soon, so I’ll start with those… xD

    1. The Little Book of Hygge: Meik Wiking
    2. The Little Book of Lykke: Meik Wiking
    3. Children of the Stars: Mario Escobar
    4. The Words I Never Wrote: Jane Thynne
    5. Exile Music: Jennifer Steil
    6. Nurtured By Love: Shinichi Suzuki
    7. The Spark: Kristine Barnett
    8. Redeeming Love: Francine Rivers
    9. The Insanity of God: Nik Ripken
    10. Secret Daughter: Shilpi Gowda

    That’s only just the beginning… xD

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