Poem: Slowed Down

Sprinting, jogging, running.

Crucial tasks we’re shunning.

Tripping, falling, gasping.

On false hopes we’re grasping.


Always saying that today

will be the day we can say

we broke through our goal

and joy will fill the hole


in our hearts that we try

to fill with lie after lie,

thinking this will at last be

what makes me happy and free.


But little do we know,

with every mile we go,

we run from our purpose,

feel more and more worthless.


If we just stopped, slowed down,

we might erase this frown,

turn our eyes back to what’s right,

and flee from this useless fight.


If we evaluated our wants,

blocked out the world’s taunts,

we could run the race meant for us all,

so we do not stumble and fall.

Life seems to move fast. Don’t forget to slow down a bit, make sure you’re on the right track, and enjoy the ride! My biggest hope for this poem is that it could be an encouragement and a reminder for even just one person who reads this.


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