Fill Your Creative Well With These 3 Things!

Maybe you have writer’s block. Maybe you’ve pulled out a piece of paper and can’t think of anything to draw. Or maybe you’re lying on the couch playing video games because you haven’t felt in that “creative mindset” for days!

Well, you might need to fill your creative well! What’s your creative well, you ask? Well, it’s basically the part of your brain where all of your creative thoughts and ideas flow. Most artists and writers have this piece of them that always has a few ideas bouncing around inside for a drawing, or a short story, or a poem. However, sometimes that well dries up, and leaves you with no ideas on what to work on. So here are three quick tips that I’ve come up with to hopefully help you refill your creative well and get inspired to work on your writing or art again! Let’s jump right in!

1: Go Somewhere

Go somewhere! Go anywhere! Maybe a hike? A vacation with your family? A walk around your neighborhood? Even drive over to a friend’s house and chill with them! Anything that gets you out of your house and allows you to see more of the world. That doesn’t mean you have to go to China or New Zealand or somewhere you’ve never been before. Just experiencing the world, observing the way people interact with each other, anything! That can help so much to give you a spark of inspiration to start working on your writing or art. It also can give a sense of realism to your writing if you’re able to describe how people accurately interact and do things!

So go outside and experience some stuff!

2: Rest

Caleb, what? This can’t be right! How can doing nothing and sitting around help fill my creative well? I’m not filling it with anything!

Aha! Well my friend, let me explain!

You see, we humans take in a lot of information. A new food we try. A conversation we have with a family member, friend, or stranger! Tripping on a rock and hurting yourself. It’s all info, and sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough time to process it all. So when you sit down on your couch or your bed and take a few minutes to just rest in silence, you can actually give yourself time to think over the new things you’ve experienced. This could give you a memory of something that happened to you, that makes you think “Huh, I could write about that!” Or “That’d be a cool emotion to try to transfer into a drawing or painting.”

Make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to think about experiences and situations that could potentially become something that might inspire you. If you cram everything you experience down deep and never examine it, you won’t find anything to help you be creative. Keep that in mind!

3: Consume Something Inspiring

We obviously have to finish off this short list with the obvious one: consume something inspiring! I feel like there are generally three things that we consume that can be extremely inspiring and motivational for us to be creative and start working on our own writing or art!

The first is books. If you’re a writer, reading something in your own genre, or a book you absolutely love, can fill your creative well to the brim! Something–a simple description, a character, a piece of dialogue–could trigger your creative mind and fill up your well with any number of ideas!

The second would be movies, videos, pictures, etc. I don’t know about you, but whenever I watch an awesome movie, especially in the genre of medieval fantasy, I get tons of ideas for books I want to write, and motivation to go with it!

The third is music. Epic music, ambient music, cheerful, sad, country, hip hop, you name it! Music is an incredible art form, and when I listen to an epic soundtrack, it gets my creative gears turning. So find some music you like or a soundtrack from a movie you like and get listening! This could fill your creative well in no time!

A little disclaimer for this tip: Make sure your creative well isn’t filling up with nothing but plagiarism! If a quote from a book inspires you, don’t write down the exact quote in your own story. That’s not creative, that’s just plagiarism. So make sure you’re actually coming up with something unique when you start working. It can be inspired by whatever you read, watched, or heard, but it shouldn’t be the exact same thing. Trust me, I’ve done this multiple times, and it’s not a great habit to get into!

All right, that’s all for this post! I hope that you’ll go out and try to apply these tips if you feel like your creative well could use some filling up! Have you found any techniques that help you fill your creative well? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

Until later,

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