Motivational Poem: Crawling

I’m crawling, climbing,

fingers dig into the dirt.

I’m falling, slipping,

My feet backslide a little.


Teeth grind together.

Stinging, raw fingers find grip again.

A journey I weather,

ascending the mountain of Life.


I see pits in the rock face.

Gnarled hands reach out to snag me.

They say to give up the race,

and claw a fistful of my shirt.


For a moment my strength leaves.

It would be so good to let go.

I want to give in to their pleas,

I want to stop this work, this effort.


I let the hands pull me down,

inching me toward the pits in the mountain,

where I will let myself drown,

in the dark grasp of my sins and sorrows.


A glorious flash of light shines.

I look up and see the top of Life,

where light and joy divinely entwines.

The promises there speak in my mind.


“Well done, my faithful servant.

You have remained on the path,

vigilant and observant,

and not let yourself stray away.


So many have fallen

into the pits of the mountain.

You could have crawled in,

but you kept on and never stopped.”


Those future words are enough.

I rip away from the hands.

My bloody nails grip the bluff.

Heart aching, I scramble up.


Each inch higher is a pain,

each pull a tough struggle.

But all of it is a chain,

to keep me from the end.


I feel a strength that’s not my own,

helping me to rise,

and scramble over rock and stone.

I will keep moving on.


The eternal rest at the top,

is worth all this temporary agony.

I will not, can not, would not stop.

So, with steely resolve, I will slowly crawl.

Hey, everyone! I really hope you enjoyed this poem. Sometimes I feel alone and helpless in this journey we call life, but there is a God who is always watching over us, and we can take heart in that and keep on for Him! Don’t lose heart, my friend.

Until later,

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11 thoughts on “Motivational Poem: Crawling

  1. This is so cool! Sometimes I sit down and write little poems like this and it’s a lot of fun. I wrote one last year sometime about a man climbing a mountain, but it was different than this. 🙂 Glad you shared this with us!

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