Rare Moment: a description poem

Morning, with fresh air and damp grass

soft turf under my feet, as I stand, still and at peace

bumble bees putting around flowers, treacherously lifting their great mass

a soft breeze ruffling my hair and cooling my face, a moment I never wish to release


My nose catches the clear smell of the spring day

Pollen from a tree, its bitter scent filling the sky, low and high

The cooking bread in a house releases an appetizing waft of air a few yards away

Fresh, earthy dirt, the sweet smell of dewy grass, and the fragrance of the tulips nearby


The sun darts out from behind a puffy cloud

its hot rays reach down to warm my skin and hair

its brilliant light breaks through even my closed eyelids, golden and proud

this is a memory I will cherish forever, for this life is a dark road, and these moments are rare

Hey! I really hope you enjoyed the poem! I love spring a lot, and I remember a really peaceful morning I spent outside last year, feeling the sun on my face and a peace surrounding me that I still treasure now. I wanted to attempt to capture it in a poem. This definitely doesn’t capture it by a long shot, but at least it will help remind me of that day. Hopefully it was fun for you to read as well. 🙂

Until later,

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