5 Great Ways to Create Character Names

You’ve come up with a great idea for a character. They have a background, a flaw, a strong personality, and a great part to play in your new, epic novel!

You only have one problem. Whenever you were plotting out this new character, you titled them “CHARACTER NAME HERE” or “NAME”.

And now you’re stuck. How are you supposed to right the world’s next amazing novel if your character doesn’t have a name? Look no further, my friend! Here are five easy, fun ways to come up with some great character names! Let us begin.

#1: Alter real names

Think of a cool normal name. Let’s go with… “Christine”. Now, you want a name that sorta sounds like that, but you want it to sound more fantasyish (definitely a word). So, maybe combine “Christine”, with the word “Crystal”. Mess around with that, and you could come up with the epic name of “Chrystil”, or “Crystin”. BAM! Epic name for a fantasy character! Well, maybe it needs a little work, but you get my point!

Another way to do it is to come up with a shorter name, like “Sam”, and add some random words and vowels to it. Perhaps… “Samtunn” or “Slamort”.

#2: Backward words/names!

This one is so much fun! Try picking a name. For example, I’ll pick Jasper. Now, flip it around! You come out with the incredible name of…. “Repsaj”!! Or, if you want to make some tweaks, go right ahead! Perhaps it would sound better like “Repsalj” or “Repsajin”.

#3: Look up a list

All right, all right. Not as creative as the first two, I know, but it works! Look up a list of names and scroll through them. You might find a perfect one that you absolutely love!

#4: Random name generator

Name generators are some of the most brilliant inventions on the planet! Well…maybe not, but they’re pretty great! You can easily find word or name generators online, and click through them until you come up with a name that sounds cool!

#5: Type two or three letters.

When you try coming up with a name, try randomly typing two or three letters. Then, build around those letters to come up with a solid name. Let’s try it:

My random letters are going to be “W” “N” and “H”.

Wnh. Hmm. Not the greatest name of all time. Let’s try building around it. 😉



Hmm…maybe they need some more touching up, but again, I’m sure you get the idea!

BONUS: Find inspiration around you.

There is inspiration everywhere! In conversations, on a road trip, in nature, everywhere! Take something from real life, and turn it into a name for your character! Once we were driving and talking about craters, and I thought it was a cool word, so I decided to name one of my characters “Crater”!

All right! That’s all for today! I hope you find these tips somewhat helpful for the day when you must come up with a great character name!

Do you have troubles coming up with character names? What kind of names do some of your characters have? Let me know in the comments!

Until later,

3 thoughts on “5 Great Ways to Create Character Names

  1. Awesome tips, Caleb! I struggle with character names SO bad!
    I love the idea of altering real names and combining them!! (also fantasyish should totally be a real word, just saying 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

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