Writing Comics #7 (Chad)


2020 is officially over! How is that possible? Now we’re stepping into a new year–2021!! I really hope its a great year for everyone reading this!!

I think I have a way to start this year off well! What could be better than starting off 2021 with some fun CHAD COMICS?? Yay!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy these comic strips! Its been a while since I drew Chad comics!

You may have noticed the text change–yes, I’m now creating the text on the computer. That way its way easier to read, and its easier for me to create! 🙂
Ahaha yes!! The good old Gandalf Good Morning Quote!!
A good old Narnia reference in this one. 😛

All right! That’s all of them! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let’s all have a great year!

Until later,

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