Poem: Midnight Walk

Voices in my mind.

Answers I can’t find.

A tear slides and falls.

I’m in my sins entwined.


Time for a midnight walk.

A quiet stroll around the block.

A look at the stars,

a plea to God for a talk.


Pouring out the problems,

feeling at the bottom,

clasping hands, knuckles white,

face dark and solemn.


The light of the moon streams on my face.

Mind slowing down from its race.

Closing eyes and breathing deep,

I am reminded of God’s great grace.


The night animals sounding,

peace falling and surrounding.

God is good, God is near.

Now my joy is abounding.


I lift my head to stare at stars.

No matter how badly sin mars,

the lights will still shine in the night,

healing will come to the scars.


Back home now, peace in my chest.

Praying, feeling blessed.

Climbing back in bed,

sleep comes quickly, mind happily at rest.

This was a poem I wrote a while back. Not sure why I keep writing poetry, I feel like I’m so bad at it. But never the less, I hope you enjoy this poem. 🙂

Until later,

6 thoughts on “Poem: Midnight Walk

  1. Wow! This is really good, Caleb. It draws out common emotions, but then reveals eternal truths. All with a good rhyme and meter. I think you are a good poet, and you just don’t knowet! 🙂

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  2. That was an amazing poem, Caleb. I applaud. 😉 the words were very meaningful to me.
    You are an amazing poet!
    Being able to write poems is a gift from God, so don’t stop.

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