Inktober Pt. 2: The Writing

Hello hello everyone!

Last week I showed you all the drawings I did for Inktober. But I’ve also been doing writing for the Inktober prompts this year! Everyday I’ve written a snippet for the prompt.

Now, I didn’t really want to jump around with characters etc., so I decided to create a group of characters for the entire Inktober!

Introducing, Carl, Matt, and Katie, from the Carl and Matt snippet series!!

(Yes, I drew pictures of the characters)

These characters have been a lot of fun to write! Who knows, I might write a few more snippets with them even after Inktober is over.

Anyway, here are 5 of my favorite Carl and Matt snippets from the ones I’ve written this month!!

Snippet 1: Fish

“Hey, bro,” Carl yelled from the hall. The front door slammed shut and Matt, in the kitchen, could hear his brother tromping through the hall as he let his sneakers, coat, backpack, and probably all of his school books fall on the floor.

Carl’s head popped out from around the corner and he stared at Matt through his glasses. “I’m starving. Whatcha’ makin’?”

“Tuna,” Matt replied, slapping a slice of bread with mayonnaise and relish. “Want some?”

“Sure!” Carl threw himself on the living room couch and pulled out his phone.

Matt proceeded to make three tuna fish sandwiches—two for himself, one for Carl—and tossed them on a couple plates.

“’ere ‘oo go,” he said through a mouthful of his own sandwich.

“Thanks, man.” Carl pulled himself off the coach and trotted over, eyes still glued to his phone. He picked up the sandwich with one hand and bit into it.


Matt jerked upright, staring in surprise at Carl, who was now scrambling around the kitchen to spit out the bite of fish sandwich. “What. In. The. World. WAS THAT??” Carl spluttered when he had finished spitting and washing his mouth with water.

Matt shrugged, taking another bite of his sandwich. “It was just tuna fish, man.”

“I have officially come to the conclusion…that I hate fish,” Carl muttered weakly, as he headed to the fridge to make a PB&J.

Snippet 3: Bulky

The doorbell rang loudly, causing Carl to jump up from the couch in surprise. “Was anyone coming over today?” Carl mumbled, pocketing his phone and heading to the door. Matt came pounding down the stairs, raising his eyebrows at Carl.

“You didn’t invite anyone, did you?” Matt asked.

“No, did Katie?”

They both headed to the door and Carl pulled it open. However, no one stood on the step. Only a package, rather bulky in size, waiting right in front of the screen door.

“Ooh, a package!” Matt grinned. “Better than people any old day!”

Carl and Matt hurried to open the screen door and procure the package. They slipped back inside, ignoring the sunny fall day and the multi-colored leaves that had fallen on the ground.

They dropped the bulky package onto the couch and surrounded it, ripping it open. To Carl and Matt’s dismay, a massive book fell out.

“Oh.” Matt grunted. “I would have preferred something different…”

“Who would even want to order this?” Carl said, picking it up with disdain.

“Hey!” Katie rushed into the room, snatching the book away from her brothers. “You opened my package!”

“It’s just a book,” Matt said sadly.

“Yes. I’ve been waiting for it to come for a week,” Katie looked down at the book lovingly, and ran back up the stairs to her room to read.

“Who would even want to buy a hardcover?” Carl muttered. “Kindles are so much more convenient. You can instantly receive books and they don’t take up any space. Its all on your phone!”

“You wouldn’t understand!” Katie’s voice drifted down the stairs.

Matt shrugged helplessly. Carl pulled out his phone again and flopped onto the couch.

Snippet 9: Throw

“Way back, Carl! Waaaaay back!”

Carl huffed and puffed all the way across the yard, clutching the football close to his chest. He turned around and blinked. “This good?”
Matt, on the other side of the yard, nodded. “Go for it!”

Carl let out a great sigh, then leaned his arm back and let the football fly, straight toward Matt. It got about 10 feet before it flopped to the ground.

Carl let out a huff. “Darn it.”

“Here, I’ll show you how it’s done,” Matt said. The two brothers walked to the middle of the yard and Matt picked up the football, showing Carl for at least the third time how to fit his fingers in the grooves and let the ball go at just the right angle for it to launch itself through the air.

“See, and then you throw it, like this!” Matt let the ball go with a flick of his wrist. Carl’s eyes watched the ball and they widened to the size of tennis rackets when he saw where its path was taking it. He seized Matt’s wrist and pointed. “Matt!!”

The two brothers looked at the football and now Matt’s eyes had widened. Their voices cried out in unison. “OH NO!”

The boys flinched as the shattering of glass and the tinkle of it sliding across the kitchen floor inside their house could be heard. They stood in silence for a moment, before hearing a loud shriek come from the house. Katie, probably in the process of making lunch, had not been expecting a football to land directly in her bowl of fruit salad.

“We’re officially going to get grounded for this,” Matt muttered.

Carl nodded weakly. “No doubt.”

Snippet 15: Outpost

Matt was just finishing up a third PB&J sandwich when he heard a scuffling in the living room. He blinked, confused, and stood from the table, wiping his fingers on his jeans. He walked into the living room and gawked in surprise. Made up mostly of couch and chairs, and covered by blankets and pillows, an outpost stood in the middle of the living room.

“What the heck…?”

“Psst!” a voice from underneath the blanket said. Matt looked down and saw Carl, equipped with a Nerf gun, gesturing to him. Carl looked around anxiously. “Come on, Matt! Get in before you’re spotted by the enemy!”

“Who’s the enemy?” Matt replied as he ducked down and crawled into the pillow outpost.

Carl exchanged glances with his older brother and whispered so low Matt could barely hear: “The name most people know her by is ‘The Big Bad Bookworm’. A very dangerous enemy.”

Matt raised an eyebrow. “You mean Katie?”

Carl blinked and nodded. “Yeah. But I thought Big Bad Bookworm sounded more evil.”

“Your probably right,” Matt said, picking up a Nerf gun and grinning. “So, when do we attack this bookworm?”

Snippet 10: Hope

“The end!” Katie let out a long sigh and closed the back cover of the massive book she had been reading.

“Was that the one you got a few days ago?” Carl asked, looking up from his phone.

Katie nodded. “Yep! I finally finished it.”

Carl looked back at his phone. “Was it any good?”

“Any good?” Katie leaped up, brandishing the thick book over her head. “This was the last book in the series I’ve been collecting for over a year! Of course it was good! Possibly the best one in the series! Well…” she pondered that for a moment, “the third one was pretty good too…”

Carl grimaced. “So how many books were in this series?”

“17,” Katie replied proudly, petting the book in her hand.

Carl leaped up, eyes wide. “17?? Please don’t tell me they’re all as big as that mammoth book you’re holding right now!”

Katie smirked back at her brother. “Oh, this one might be the shortest one…”

“So you’ve been taking up shelf space with seventeen of those elephants for books??”

“Aren’t they lovely? The cover design is incredible…”

Carl ran his fingers through his hair. “Do you realize you could’ve bought those so much cheaper and saved shelf space by just buying them for your phone?”

Katie stiffened. “Don’t speak of kindle in my presence, sir.”

Carl rolled his eyes. “It’s an amazing invention, one you shouldn’t ignore!”

Katie looked down at her book with a mock-sad expression on her face. “There is no hope for this man, dear book. He has taken the dark path to kindle, and he may never return.”

“Oh, good grief!” Carl yelled.

Well, that’s a good bit of reading! I hope you enjoyed these snippets. I’m really glad that Inktober is coming to an end–its a lot of work!–but at the same time, I’m kinda sad to see it go. Ah well. There’s always next year! 😀

Remember to stay tuned, because TOMORROW I am officially starting NaNoWriMo!! I can’t wait to get that started! 50,000 words, here I come!

Until later,

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