Poem: Whispers of the Wind

Wind comes rushing down the plain,

murmuring in its quiet tone,

assuring that there soon comes rain,

and to the fields that are sown,


that their thirst will be quenched,

their roots will be fed,

that they will not be wrenched,

from the earth, lifeless, dead.


The wind continues, rustling the brush,

patting the flowers and green grass,

which is long and lush,

Waving all the while until the breeze goes past.

The wind climbs then,

ascending an oak’s firm brown bark,

lifting its leaves so they fly again,

swooping through the air in an arc.


It encourages all of nature,

calm and cool,

it lifts all things stature,

leaf, tree, and pool.


So when it brushes against your hair,

or perhaps rustles a leaf pile,

don’t think of sad thoughts and despair,

but smile my friend, smile.

Hey, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this little poem I wrote. Wow, summer is all ready waving goodbye. Its pretty crazy, isn’t it? Well, that means that we get to say hello to autumn! So let’s step into the next season with gusto, shall we? 🙂

Until later,

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7 thoughts on “Poem: Whispers of the Wind

  1. My goodness, autumn is approaching mighty fast! I am a little sad that summer is leaving (mainly because when fall comes, the rest of my family loves to blast the heater XD). However, change is good! We get to see more of God’s creation, too! Hmm, maybe I should experiment with writing poetry during this season. I enjoy the brisk air, the leaves color change and warm tea (of course that was coming)! I think about those things all the time during the fall. 🙂

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