On Top

I sit at the very top of everything. Well, I suppose not everything. The sky is above me, stretching from horizon to horizon, its vast blue openness clear and freeing. A few clouds float above my head as well, light and fluffy.

They must be light, I think, smiling, to be able to drift so high.

I watch one as it glides lazily overhead, almost too slow to notice any movement. My eyes turn from the sky to my surroundings. I sit on a mountain—higher than all the others that rise and swoop down around me. I’m on a ledge, which juts out over a steep drop down the mountain. I don’t mind though. I’m not afraid of heights, and the stone around me that I’m on is sturdy and safe.

An eagle flies close by, circling the forest below. The fur trees, tall and looming over me when I stand next to them, look like nothing but little toys now below me, spiking up over hills and streams. The green and blue and gray around me is simply too beautiful to describe. Its mixed together perfectly, in swirls and details and flawlessly planned structures.

I reach up, toward a mountain peak miles and miles away from mine. Despite the distance, the clear atmosphere and the sun shining makes me feel as if I could travel that span of air and touch it with a simple outstretch of my arm.

I inhale a deep, deep breath. The clear air fills my lungs fully. When it’s raining I can’t breathe this deeply—the atmosphere won’t let me. But now I feel my lungs reach their maximum limit, and let out the breath in a whoosh. It feels so good…too good for a world like this. Because it was a glimpse of the world before sin entered…a perfect world. And one day…one day there will be a new world like that old one. One without pain. Without loss. Without death. Without tears.

And, even when I stand in the midst of the pain of this world, even when I forget how this moment, standing on top of everything feels, I will strive to remember that there will be relief, and that it will be forever eternal. This life only lasts for a single blink of an eye in comparison to the future.

I stand, dusting myself off, smiling softly. I feel the sun shining on my hair, heating it up, and the mountain wind tugging at my shirt and cooling my warm skin. A glimpse of the future. A glimpse of peace. A glimpse that will help me get through many hard days that are sure to come. On top of the mountain. On top of the world. On top.

Well, I hope you guys liked that. I’ve been having some rough days and I really felt like writing this. Yes, this was metaphorical, but I have had things like this happen to me. I hope it encouraged you a little bit. 🙂

Until later,

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4 thoughts on “On Top

  1. Ah, this was fantastic! Sorry you’ve gone through some stuff. Although, to be honest, it’s the worst things that inspire us the most sometimes (as horrible as that sounds :/). And great message about how this world is not the one intended for us, but that there will be another after this one. 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed this so much, Caleb! I’ve been having many tough days as well, so this was encouraging. 🙂 I absolutely love the descriptions! It felt so vivid and I could clearly picture what was happening. Goodness, your writing skills are amazing! But it is true, this world is not our home and the things that we face will fade. There is more up ahead that the Lord has in-store.

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