Words are Powerful

For a long, long time, words have been spoken, written down, and have transferred meaning and emotions to people all over the world.

Writing is powerful. Writing can break someone down, or build someone up. Even a paragraph of words could resonate with one person and change their perspective on life forever.

Even though there are many ways I could go with this post, I think I want to touch on two things. One side is a little scary, and the other is really encouraging. So let’s jump into it!

Thought 1: Power is Dangerous

When one has power, one has influence. It’s a fact.

Think of it. Imagine a ruler of a kingdom. If the king decides to make a speech and orders his subjects to do something, they all admire him. A lot of them are probably going to do what he says, even if it’s something that they wouldn’t normally do.

If someone is reading a piece you wrote, and they have become connected to your story or article, and you say something wrong and they believe it, you could affect their life forever.

What if you say something wrong or say something that could be easily misinterpreted? What if someone read what you wrote, took it the wrong way, and became crushed and gave up on their dreams?

Just a thought.

Thought 2: Only Something Powerful Will Affect

Aaaand here comes the encouraging part! 🙂

If you have a stain on a shirt and you try to use some stain remover to get it off, you’re probably going to try to use a pretty powerful stain remover so that you make sure it gets off, correct?

Let’s imagine you use a weak stain remover. Maybe it’s cheaper than other stain removers, so you purchase it and try it on the stain. But, due to the fact that it was weak and not very strong, it doesn’t get the stain out.

So you get a powerful stain remover and try again. This time, the dependable, strong stain remover easily cleans off the stain, and helps you get your shirt clean.

My point here is that powerful things are the things that will get through to people and affect them!

However, like I said in Thought 1, it can be a dangerous thing. Powerful words could affect someone negatively…but it could also affect them positively.

So don’t feel discouraged that your words could harm somebody and give up. Because what if your meaningful words reached someone who really really needs to hear them and affects their life for the better? That would be worth it, wouldn’t it? Just make sure what you’re saying is true and uplifting.

What if, early on, C. S. Lewis decided that his words might harm somebody, and gave up on writing before he had written, say, The Chronicles of Narnia? What if Narnia had never been published because he had been afraid? None of us would be able to read The Chronicles of Narnia today and be encouraged and lifted up by it!

So don’t give up. Please, please don’t give up. If you are writing meaningful things, then I know God has a great plan for you. 

Keep writing. Keep creating powerful, good words and articles and stories. Keep influencing for the better.

My hope is that this encourages you. 

Until next week,

14 thoughts on “Words are Powerful

  1. Hello! This was very well written and I agree 100%!! Like my Youth Leader would say, “Sticks and Stones can break my bones… and what you said still hurt my feelings…” 😉
    Words are very, VERY powerful for sure. Thank you so much for this epic post!

    Liked by 1 person

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