Frostbite Character Art!

Hey there, everyone!

I had some time on my hands a while back and so I decided to draw my characters from my newest WIP, Frostbite!

Now I didn’t take a whole lot of time on them, and they’re a little rough, but here you go. Enjoy!

Gonden More

This is Gonden, the main character. He’s more of an introvert, and enjoys a quiet life of service as a foot soldier in the kingdom of Molee.

Orlando Hunt

Orlando is Gonden’s best friend. He’s tall, muscular, and pretty much the ideal foot soldier. Orlando and Gonden do have their differences though, like their thoughts on the Harta wolves who live in Catarra forest…

Christine Hunt

Christine is Orlando’s sister, and another good friend of Gonden’s. She is a huge help to her father, Ormandis Hunt, who owns a popular restaurant in Halwden, the Hot Rolls and Cider.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little art show as well as an introduction to some of the most important characters in Frostbite! I was thinking of drawing a map of Molee, the kingdom that the book is placed in…would you guys like to see a map?

Anyway, that’s all for this week.

Until later,

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