The Landscape: Observation Writing

Hello, everyone.

One day I just wanted to take a walk to a park nearby where I live and write about it. Not just the park, but about the world. The earth. They sky. The trees around me.

So I decided to go and write a piece of observation writing and see what I came up with.

After a walk to the park, some sore fingers (I don’t write by hand very much), a peaceful hour, and a couple revisions on my computer, this is what I wrote. I hope you enjoy!

The landscape is spread out before me, completely open in a single glance.

A plain of grass is stretched out like a table cloth, and a spattering of trees stand proudly over it, bending slightly in the breeze.

When my eyes travel away from the distant landscape, they alight upon what forms it. The clumps of dirt and tufts of grass only a few inches away pop out at me. Fallen leaves and twigs crunch under my feet. I sit at the base of a tall tree, its branches bare, stripped of their leaves. I rest my back against the solid, reassuring trunk of the tree, its beautifully graven cracks, crevices, and bumps in its bark pressing against my back.

I rest my hands on the soft, dry soil under me. It cracks as my fingers wrap around a clump. The rich, unique smell of the dirt reaches my nose and I draw in a deep breath, filled with contentment and peace.

A pale blue sky covers the landscape, clouds wafting lazily overhead. A weak, soft sunlight illuminates it all. I lay back against the tree and close my eyes.

The faint twitters of birds, the sigh of the wind, and the buzz of a lawn mower in the distance are all that reaches my ears.

I know that when I open my eyes the landscape will still be there, waiting for me. The landscape, with that weak, soft sunlight illuminating it all.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed my small piece of observation writing! Would you like to see more posts like this? Please let me know!

Until later,

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