Real Neat Blog Award

I have been tagged by Lydia to do the Real Neat Blog Award! Thank you, Lydia!

Okay, let’s jump into this!

Display the blog award logo in your blog.
Thank the blogger who nominated you. Do not forget to link to their blogging website.
Answer all the questions they have given you.
Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice.
Ask them 7 questions.

Lydia’s Questions:

1: Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

Oh my goooossshhh…I don’t know. This is like, the hardest question ever. I love my height, and wish I was lighter as I am.

I honestly can’t decide. XD

2: Celery in ice cream or pickle juice in place of milk in your cereal?

You know, celery in ice cream doesn’t sound to bad! It would add some nice crunch, and the flavor wouldn’t be to bad with ice cream.

Pickle juice in cereal? That would be horrid! So I’ll go with the celery in ice cream.

3: What’s a topic that you talk about most?

Lord of the Rings, hands down. πŸ˜›

4: What time do you go to bed and wake up?

If I’m actually on time, I go to bed at 10:00PM and wake up at 6:00AM sharp! However, sometimes I’m lazy and stay up later and get up later. XD

5: What’s your favorite way of exercise?

I’ve recently gotten into parkour, which is such a fun sport/activity, and can be self-taught and done by yourself. If it’s raining outside, I can do it inside, working on stretching, coordination, and strength-building, but I mostly do it outside, running, jumping, and vaulting!

6: How much time do you spend on your blog each day?

Depends on if I need to work on a blog post or not! Sometimes I’m on for a good hour, working on a blog post, but most days I’m just replying to comments, looking at stats, and figuring smaller things out, and those days are only for a few minutes.

7: Broccoli cooked or raw?

Hmm, honestly I like both. Cooked is amazing, but raw is amazing too. If I had to pick one though, I guess I’d say cooked.

Well, that’s all the questions to answer! That was a bunch of fun!

Here are the bloggers I nominate:

1: Keziah, Keziah E.

2: Kyra, Potatoes are Beautiful Too

3: Amie, Crazy A

4: Maya, Wayfaring Wordsmith

5: Jewel, Treasured Script

6: Penny, Jane Austen’s Lightsaber

7: Ashley, The Everhart Author

And here are the questions for you to answer:

  1. Which is better: movies or books?
  2. How long have you had your blog?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. If you were going on a long car drive and you could bring three items, what would they be?
  5. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?
  6. Online shopping or brick-and-mortar store shopping?
  7. Tea or coffee?

Well, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading and I hope those nominated will enjoy doing this if they do!

Until later,

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16 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Whhattt you know parkour? That’s EPIC! Also I must agree with your celery and ice-cream choice. It’s probably not the greatest thing, but pickle juice and cereal just sounds nasttyyyy πŸ˜†

    Liked by 2 people

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