The Importance and Power of the Climax

Ah, the climax. The part that everyone always gets to when reading a book. Unless they set the book down. Or the book doesn’t have a climax.

Whiiich would be weird.

Almost every book has a climax, the part of the book that reveals much of the secrets that come up throughout the story, brings the last, final, and largest amount of conflict and revelation, and basically wraps up the conflict, so that the book can end.

“So wait,” you might be asking me virtually, “are you saying that if there is no climax to a book the book will go on forever?”

Well, yes, either that, or there’s another book in the series. Check on Amazon. 😉

Except that that is just the point. There is always a climax to a book, or if there isn’t that’s a very awful book. Even a book right-smack in the middle of a 10 book series–as long as the writer’s good–has it’s own climax. That book may connect to other books in the series, but it still has its own structure. And that’s what makes it its own book.

So, sure, we cleared up the whole part about how a climax is important, but what’s the power to a climax? I mean, I just said that every single book has a climax, as long as its a half-decent book. So doesn’t the climax just get boring?

No. The climax isn’t something that can cliche, such as the orphan character or the mentor character or the part where the main character has a sudden revelation about what he’s been doing wrong his entire life and immediately changes his ways and immediately gets rewards for that.

If the orphan character appeared in every single book ever made (ooh, boy, I’m mad about how many books the orphan character is in. If they were in every book? AKDLIENSLLKDILEGNAKKKKKGEGWPOKL) oh, er, sorry. Got a little carried away there.

My point is, the climax doesn’t cliche. It’s just part of any stories’ structure, and just about every story needs one.

So because it’s in every single book, how does it have power in it every single time?

It’s because every climax is different. Or, most climaxes are different. Some people copy off of other books, but that’s beside the point. Most climaxes are different, and they can bring home a different point, a different message, a different kind of power every single time. That’s why it’s still strong and powerful.

Everything wraps up in the climax. The theme, the message, the character’s arc. They’re all going to come to a strong, satisfactory well, maybe not satisfactory, and complete end, at the climax.

Well, some things don’t have to come to a complete end, you may have to spill over into the final bits of the book, or, if it’s a book in a series, you may want some things to continue over into the next book, but you should at least make everything known and probably start wrapping it up in the climax.

It’s where everything, the mysteries, fears, struggles, all tie into one final scene.

And so, for the few weeks (or months, years, or just days) your reader invested in reading your story, working, fighting, struggling, laughing, and crying with your characters through your plot, they are now ripe for the picking ready to be given the final piece of your book, which will either satisfy their hopes and dreams, or leave them rushing to Amazon to order the next book.

So don’t be lazy with the climax. It is the key stage in your book, the one that will finish it off and bring home many of the points you’ve made throughout your story. Work hard on it. It is the part that will cause your readers to feel the last punch in your story. Really think about. It is important and powerful.

Are you writing a story writing now? Have you planned out or perhaps even written your climax? Do you feel like it’s strong and well done? Have you read books with amazing climaxes, or maybe books without amazing climaxes?

I’d love to chat with you in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “The Importance and Power of the Climax

  1. Great post! I agree, a well-done climax is extremely important!
    Ah, the old orphan-as-the-protagonist trope. My family and I joke about that a lot, just how MANY books and movies have orphans in them. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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