Raid of the Krames Updates/Snippet/New Mock Cover

Hi-ya, everyone!

Today I just wanted to share with you a little more about my WIP (Work in Progress), Raid of the Krames.

It’s a non-magical middle-grade fantasy story, the first in a series, and I’m currently writing the second draft.

I’ve actually just hit 10K words not to long ago, so that’s pretty exciting.

Aaaaaand *drum roll* I made a new mock cover which, in my opinion, is pretty darn awesome!

Isn’t dat cooooolllll? 😀

Okay, one more thing I wanted to share with you is a snippet from it!

Here goes:

Fellsafe whinnied and Cullen jerked back into reality. The village was only seconds away and Cullen drew his sword. It glinted in the bright sun that hung over the world of Solanda. He slung his shield from its spot on his back and fitted his glove-covered hand through the straps of the large, kite-shaped work of metal and wood, hardened and excellent protection.

Then he was there. The first shops of the village whizzed passed. Cullen saw a large, ugly-looking bandit race out of a shop ahead of him, three large boxes of money in his arms and a wicked looking knife in his teeth.

Cullen swung one leg over Fellsafe’s saddle and slid off of his back, falling in a crouch just feet in front of the bandit. Shock waves rippled up his legs as he hit the ground, but he ignored them and straightened, brandishing his sword.

“Going somewhere, sir?” he growled.

The bandit dropped the boxes of gold coins on his foot in surprise and then howling with rage, snatched the knife from his teeth and drew a short sword which hung from his belt.

The two swords smashed into each other with bone crunching force, and as the bandit swung the knife toward Cullen’s other side, the knight brought up his shield to deflect it. Cullen felt the blade of the knife vibrate the shield as it scoured a long scratch into it. He grunted and pushed hard with it and was rewarded by a sharp snapping sound as the blade of the knife broke in two pieces. The bandit snarled, his nose wrinkling up in anger, and slid his sword from Cullen’s to launch another attack.

Cullen brought his sword up to meet the screaming blade and pushed it to the side.

Heart pounding from the exertion, Cullen stepped forward and swiftly brought the bottom of his shield down on the top of the bandit’s head.


The bandit groaned, weaved, and crumpled to the ground.

Cullen stood for a moment, looking down at the still body of his opponent, breathing hard. Slowly his mind turned from the battle to the things around him. Hoof beats, at first distant in his ears, grew louder with each passing second and he spun around. Fremont, bent low over Rimald’s neck, rushed passed him, waving his shield as he went. The rest of the knights following him thundered passed seconds later.

Cullen waved back to the already disappearing Fremont, mounted Fellsafe, and just as the last knights galloped passed him, joined the race toward the middle of the village.

Copyright © 2019 Caleb E. King All rights reserved.

Note: This piece of work has been specifically selected and edited for the convenience of the readers, and came from a story in progress. Not a final piece of the story.

So what did ya think? Did you enjoy it? I hope so!

Well, that’s all for now. Just wanted to let you all have an update on what I’m working on right now. If you want a blurb and some more official info on this story, please check out the Current Works Page. Thanks!

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