Poem: Hero’s Rise

This is a little different than an average poem. I just felt like writing a sort of “prophecy” poem, you know, the kind you read in beginnings of books and stuff. Anyways, this is what happened.

Under shadow of mountain,

under shadow of grave,

will be built a fountain,

a fountain that will save.


Under shadow of threat,

under shadow of claw,

one with one eye shall be met,

and with one eye more shall be saw.


Under shadow of remorse,

under shadow of phantom,

riding on a war horse,

a hero will come.


Under shadow of dark lord,

under shadow of harsh demand,

drawn shall be a glowing sword,

and the hero shall wield it in his hand.


Under shadow of power,

Under shadow of lies,

many will cower,

but the hero will rise.

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