Tell the Story Challenge

Hello everybody! I was nominated by Lydia to do the Tell the Story Challenge!


Pick an image out of the choices.

Write a short story, poem, or whatever that applies to that image.

Choose some other bloggers to do the same challenge.

Give your nominees a few more images to choose from.

This is gonna be really fun!!

This is the picture that I am writing something about:

Okay, so without further ado, here is the short story I wrote:

There it was! Altee closed her hand over the sleek feathered end of one of her arrows. She carefully drew it out of the quiver attached to her belt.

Knocking the arrow to the worn string of her longbow, she dropped softly and silently to one knee and drew the string back to her ear. One eye closed and the other sighted down the shaft of the arrow. It would only take one shot.

Her tongue darted out of her mouth and slid over her dry lips. Come on. Aim. Release!

Her fingers slipped from the bow string and the arrow streaked away, heading straight for the neck of the deer just yards from her hiding spot. The arrow didn’t connect with its target.

The deer heard her just before she fired and bounced away into the brush, disappearing quickly into the forest.

“No!” Atlee grunted, rising to her feet. She punched a tree next to her in frustration. “When will I hit it?”

She trudged over to where the deer had been moments before and withdrew her arrow from its spot halfway through a bush. She checked the point to make sure it was still sharp and then slammed it back into her quiver. Tears filled her eyes.

“No food, still wood to chop for the fire, still the roof to fix on the hut, still a thousand other things to do and you can’t even hit a deer twenty feet away! This is just great.”

Her back hit the trunk of a tree and she slid down it, sitting with her knees tucked up to her chin. She clasped her hands around them and stared at a little leaf resting on the dirt of the forest ground through watery eyes. A tear slid down her cheek and dropped over her chin, landing on her finger. She rubbed her eyes fiercely, grinding her teeth together.

Then she saw a sun beam break behind a cloud, slide through the thick branches of the forest trees, and hit the leaf. It glowed in the warmth of the morning sun.

Atlee looked up and saw it, shining down on her. As the light warmed her cheek, her troubles were forgotten. The pressure of trying to survive slowly eased and the tension in her neck relaxed. That’s when she noticed all the other things; the birds singing softly in the trees, the wind picking up her hair and tossing it around on her head, the squirrels darting and tumbling through bushes and hollows in trees.

There is so much more to life than survival, Altee mused as she surveyed two squirrels wrestling playfully across the ground, chattering with joy. Maybe one day I’ll truly begin to understand it.

She knew that she probably should have been fixing the roof of her hut, or chopping the wood, or hunting for wild mushrooms or another deer, but she continued to sit, to rest, and to enjoy the peace of nature. The sun still shot beams of radiant light through the covering trees.

There was a time to work, a time to survive, a time to labor. But there was also a time to rest, reflect, and relax. It had been too long since she stopped to enjoy the beauty of the world around her. She had some catching up to do.

It isn’t the best thing ever but I had fun writing it. 😛

All right! Now here are the people I nominate to do this:



And here are the pictures you get to choose from:

Hope you have fun!

Bye for now,


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