Why Writing is Hard—But Worth It!

Writing is hard. I am not going to deny it. We writers have a really hard job. And sometimes, we feel like it’s too hard. I have. But here are some points I always come back to when I feel like being a writer is an impossible task.

1: Words are Powerful

What? You may be thinking. This is why I’m feeling down in the first place! Words are powerful and I don’t feel like I can manage writing them correctly.

Well, it’s true. Words are powerful, and sometimes we have to be careful in case we say something wrong, but there is a good side to this. What was a key thing that made you want to seriously pursue writing in the first place? I think many of you would say: “because I want to change people’s lives, or their opinions, or their emotions.” well, there you go. Words are powerful. So even though we need to be careful in our writing, we also can change people’s lives with our words! How crazy is that? We can change people’s lives!

2: Words Help Us

Sometimes when I feel sad, or angry, or depressed, I sit down and write something. Usually it turns out as a poem. For some reason for me writing poems are what help me get over my emotion. And that very likely was a big reason you started writing as well. Words helped you. Maybe it was to get over a grief. Maybe you felt so happy you just had to put it into words to get it all out.

So even if writing can sometimes feel hard for us, deep down inside, it can help us.

3: Writing is Productive

Even when you are working away at the final edits of your novel, down to the nitty gritty commas and typos, it is productive. So while it’s hard work, you are doing something worth while. And for me, when I’m doing something worth while, it makes me feel good. Sometimes you feel more of the pain than the happiness, but don’t worry! Once you are finished with the hard work, it will pay off. Be it seeing an article on a website, a short story on your personal blog, or your own book in your hands, it pays off!

4: Writing is Fun

This may mean that writing is fun in the actual writing stage, (it is most of the time for me) but even when it’s not, just like in point number three, writing is fun when you get to see it finished. Seeing people laugh as they read your story, or reading those touching comments on your blog (I seriously love the comments I get to read and respond to, that’s one of my favorite parts of blogging) or just being able to say that you saw your project through to completion, writing is fun, freeing, and refreshing.

So, dear reader, if you are feeling like writing is too hard for you, if you feel the weight of the power of your words or how emotional and stressing writing can be, see it through. Writing is worth it. Your words matter. Don’t give up.

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