Novel Snippet: A Silence in the Shadows: Ath’s Attack + Exciting Announcement!!

Just as Jered thought that the battle was complete and they had succesfully driving out the Ocpots from their home, a monstrous form walked into the building. It was cloaked and hooded, and power resonated from it.

Some of the Ocpots followed it back into the building.

For the majority of the battle Jered and Faal had stayed apart, still at odds with one another, but they instinctively found each other and stayed by each other’s side as the hooded form approached. Without even thinking about it, Jered knew this was Ath.

Ath moved forward. Jered and Faal stepped back. Jered gripped his staff tightly and raised it out in front of him, as if when doing so Ath couldn’t hurt him.

Angela, Crater, and Belak were at their side. Ten feet away from the Silents, Ath stopped. Fifteen Ocpots stopped behind him.

Jered grew panicked and threw himself straight toward Ath. He raised his staff to strike the face underneath the large hood but just a second before the blow landed Ath moved. His hand lunged upward and grasped the staff. With a flick of his arm Ath tore the staff from Jered and then kicked him hard in the stomach. Stunned, Jered fell to his knees.

“You think your pitiful attacks can harm me?” Ath hissed from underneath his hood.

Ath then chopped down on the young Silent’s neck and Jered hit the ground senseless.

Faal screamed in rage at what Ath had done to his brother and he charged as well. Ath grunted and moving faster than the eye could follow lifted Faal off the ground by his neck.

“Another young Silent?”

Faal kicked and struggled in Ath’s mighty arm but with a tap of his finger on Faal’s neck Faal went limp in his arms.

Ath hurled Faal down on top of Jered.

“Who’s next?” Ath said. “You Silents will never stop me.”

A Silence in the Shadows

Caleb E King

Copyright © 2019 Caleb E. King

All rights reserved.

Note: This piece of work has been specifically selected and edited for the convenience of the readers, and came from a novel in progress. Not an official piece of the novel.

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