Top 5 Embarrassing Writer Moments

Yes. This time it’s embarrassing writer moments. Let’s go. 😉

1: When someone is talking to you normally and then you get a writing idea. You leap straight into the air, yelling in excitement, and rush away to find a piece of paper to write it down on, leaving the other person confused in mid-sentence.

2: When you race into the room where your family is, yelling and screaming that you reached 50,000 words in your novel, and they ask you what that means.

3: When you are planning a fight scene and are rolling on the floor of your room trying to figure out what the best position is for your character, and then someone looks into the open doorway.

4: When you are trying to figure out what it sounds like to be stabbed by a sword in the shoulder and you’re making all these weird groaning noises, and then someone knocks on your door and asks what you’re doing.

5: When you’re walking through the store and see someone that looks exactly like you’re character. You point him out to your siblings, whispering excitedly, and then he looks straight at you.

Now let’s chat! Have you ever had any of these happen to you before? I sure have! Not all of them but quite a few. XD

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34 thoughts on “Top 5 Embarrassing Writer Moments

  1. OMGUM you legit I just described my life. 😂
    Dude, people who are not writers do not understand all that writers have to go through. Especially the fact that everyone thinks we are reaaaaaaally weird. Which is fine with me, because I take pride in being weird, so…XD
    Great job on the post!

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  2. Oh my goodness I have done all of these things!!! Dude, #4… I’m choking! Yep, I’ve seen quite a few people who resemble a character….
    I even, when this character got his tongue cut, I had to sit there with my tongue out trying to figure out his dialect. 😂😂 This is soooo comical man!
    Are you writing a novel? I am, it’s has 200 pages so far… 500 or so more to go!

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    1. Haha really all of them?
      Oh man that’s really funny! 😂
      Yep I’ve finished the first draft of like five novels (most of them awful and I won’t be editing them at all) and am currently finishing up the final edits of my first one!
      Wait…you’ve written two hundred pages and going for five hundred more?? 0_o that’ll be one big novel!

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      1. Okay, so maybe I’ve never had a sword fight with myself, but just the whole thing of having to act out characters and what they do so you can write them. I was laughing so hard, imagining Chuck Black having to act out all, the sword fights in his books! 🙈😂
        That’s awesome! What do you mainly write?
        Yeaaahhh… most novels are 300-700 pages. I’m writting historical fiction this time, so with the time period and all the characters, their lives and stories, all the lots and twists and lesssons and relationships… I’m might end up with more! That’s why I write 5pages, minimum, a day— 100 pages a month. 😅
        How many pages do you usually end up with? And you write fiction, correct?

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      2. 🤪 haha we probably are! You kinda have to be 😂
        Woohoo!!! I’m so happy for you!! Your blog, and worrying def deserves much much more— I’m sure you’ll get there soon! How exiting!! 🎊 🎉

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      3. LOL
        Hey I love Chuck Black’s books!!!
        I primarily right fantasy.
        Wow you write a lot!!! That’s really cool!
        So are you talking when it’s formatted into book size or when it’s just the default page size? Because A Silence in the Shadows (novel I’m working on) is only 112 when in default page size, but once I make it into book format it’ll be like, 400 pages. XD


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