Three Clichés Common in Fantasy Novels That I Absolutely Hate

Yes. The title explains all. For this weeks post, I am going to rant about the clichés common in fantasy novels that I find are highly irritating. Oh boy this is gonna be fun!

Alright let’s get down to business.

Cliché #1: The Orphan

Taran from Chronicles of Prydain, Will from Ranger’s Apprentice, Rey from Star Wars (not a fantasy novel but I don’t care), Quentin from In the Hall of the Dragon King… need I go on?

This cliché is definitely the one that gets under my skin the most. I absolutely despise it! The hero grows up not knowing who his parents were. He constantly wants to find out. He was adopted by some kind people, or grew up in the streets. It feels like this cliché is used either to have a subplot of the main character wanting to find their parents (like Taran or Rey) or just to avoid having to write the parents into the story at all! But I’ll talk more about the parents a little later.

I get so frustrated when I’m reading a book, it talks about the main character, and then it says “He never knew his parents” or “Her uncle had told her from a young age what her mother had been like, and she wished she had known her” this makes me super angry. Every now and then people can make it the big subject in the book and make it really well done, but most of the time they do it just to…do it! Uuuuugh either put the parents in, explain logically why the main character never knew their parents and why their an orphan, or JUST DON’T EVEN TALK ABOUT THE PARENTS AT ALL!!

Okay, I had better move on before I explode. 😅

Cliché #2: The Twins

Okay, I have to say, this isn’t the wooooooorst cliché, and it doesn’t appear nearly as much as the orphan cliché does, but I still don’t exactly see why a lot of people make the main characters twins.

This cliché gets me more not because of the two main characters being twins itself, but more because I just don’t understand why they do it. I mean, having siblings as main characters is awesome! I enjoy seeing siblings share an adventure, but when their twins?…I just don’t understand.

Oh, and one other thing. They usually look exactly alike. And they’re a boy and a girl. Why. It’s always the same.


Cliché #3: The Parents

Excuse me while I go and smash my head into a brick wall.

This cliché is possibly the most common, and probably frustrates me even more than the orphan cliché, because THIS CLICHÉ IS THE ONE THAT CAUSES THE ORPHAN TO BE AN ORPHAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

What is this cliché you ask?


What confuses me the most about this cliché is because I don’t really see why people fall into it. It’s easy to write the parents into the story! Unless it actually furthers the plot or is a big point in the book, then why kill them?!?!?!

Another cliché about parents is that they come back later. WHY?! I don’t get it!!! You assume them dead, you get over it, and then they come back. That is just the worst. #PoAndHisDadInKungFuPanda3

Okay, I actually like Kung Fu Panda, but still, that cliché is in there. And I don’t like it.

Anyway, this was my rant about three clichés I find very commonly in fantasy novels and you know, other stories. And that is why I wanted to rant about them. But I’m done now. 🙃

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32 thoughts on “Three Clichés Common in Fantasy Novels That I Absolutely Hate

  1. Very true! I’ve read LOT’S of books with these cliché’s in it!
    Oohh cool, I’ve listened to Chronicles of Prydain and read some of Ranger’s Apprentice!
    Great post! 😄

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  2. Oh dear… I have orphans, twins, and no parents. Though the MC’s parents die in either chapter 1 or 2, and she remembers them (because she is 16). And she doesn’t have a twin, but I have two sets of side character twins.

    This post was great!

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    1. 0_o

      No no I’m joking!! I mean, it is much better if they actually remember them instead of being orphans for all their life. And twin side characters actually sound pretty cool! It’s the main characters that really get me! *shudders* XD

      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂

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  3. Wow, I love this post! I do find a lot of these clichés annoying, although I haven’t read enough fantasy to find the twin thing too repetitive. My characters do become orphans over the course of the story, but both times a parent dies, their deaths are major plot devices, and totally rip the poor children to shreds.

    We all knew authors were evil, but I feel like I just confirmed that in a terrible way XD

    Anyways thanks for writing this! And I second Lydia Loves Jesus: is love more ranting posts!

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m really glad you like it!

      Yeah, well when you read a lot of fantasy, things can get a little bit cliche…
      That said, I’m not beating down on every single book that has one of these; lot’s of times they need the cliche to have the story work, in which case I guess it’s not a cliche.
      You are so welcome! Wow, now I need to figure out another thing I can rant about in a post… XD


    1. Thanks!
      Hmm…I think it is overused most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be cliche. If it really furthers the plot, than I think it’s fine. That goes for both parents dieing as well. If it is important to the plot, then it’s good. It’s just when people kill the parents for the sake of not writing them into the story that I get frustrated. XD
      Aww yay! Glad you like it! 😀

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    It’s just plain laziness, which is super annoying, because that is literally what America is becoming -lazy. We as the next generation need to be the opposite of lazy and persevere through things.
    Okay, enough of my ranting. XD

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      1. I’m actually reading it right now! Such a good book. Have you ever read the book The Deadliest Monster by J. F. Baldwin? It’s about Worldviews and it’s soooooo good!

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  5. Screaming alongside you! This was very well done and makes the reader laugh!
    You read the Ranger’s Apprentice? I liked those books, as well as the The Brotherband Chronicles he wrote. Did you ever read Mark of the Theif or any other books by Jeniffer A Nielsen? She’s quite popular at the moment and one of her books, resistance, is becoming a move this fall. 😉

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      1. Well, though she is a woman, and ik guys usually like guy authors (that’s what I’ve hear), she only writes about male characters and she is SOOO good! All the books are AMAZING fantasy, she’s just blowing my mind away and they are that type of book that you’de read over and over several times.
        Do you read the Game of Thrones books?

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  6. Okay, now I feel just a bit guilty about adding twins into my story… even if they are true historical characters… lol I knew it was a Cliché, but now I REALLY know it! 🤘🏻😂

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      1. 😂🙈 That’s What I keep telling myself! I just won’t use the main thing where the twins are always fighting lol

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