What to do When You’re Feeling Down as a Writer

Trust me, in my six years of seriously being a writer, I’ve felt down. Real down. And it doesn’t feel good. So here are some things that I’ve found have been helpful when I’ve been going through things such as writer’s block, waiting for someone to finish critiquing your work, not sure where to go next as a writer, what to do when you just plain don’t feel motivated, and the like.

1: Find inspiration.

I don’t mean find inspiration by pushing through the boring dialogue scene and then feeling inspired to then write the fight scene. I mean drop your pencil, drop your laptop (oops I mean step away from your laptop don’t drop it) and read a book, or watch a movie, or listen to epic music, or dress up like a warrior and sword fight outside! Whatever it is that gets your inspiration gears turning, that gets your excitement flowing, and gets your imagination running, do it!!

2: Look Back

Yeah, go look over your shoulder. 🙃 No I’m kidding. What I mean when I say look back, is look back at your old writing! Look at how far you’ve come from some of your first stories. Those stories you were so proud of and said “I’m gonna publish these one day!”. Read them, laugh at them, and then go and read some of your newest stuff. Chances are, you’ve gotten a darn lot better. So do that! It’s one of the best ways to feel motivated again and feel like you are truly improving as a writer!

3: Look Forward

When I feel down and feel like I’m never going to finish something, I go into the document I have called “Book I Shall Write!”

Yep. It’s real!

Yep. No kidding this time. 😎 I have a document called that. I scroll through it and look at all the mock titles of the books that I want to write, when I want to write them, and how I want to publish them. It inspires me so much. If you don’t have a document or a list like that, organize all your WIP’s (Works in Progress) and your ideas for new ones into one long list. Note which ones are series, which ones are stand-alone novels, which ones you want to traditionally-publish and which ones you want to self-publish!! It’s extremely inspiring, you feel more organized, you know what you want to do in the future, how you want to do it, and plus, it’s plain fun!!

Are you feeling kinda down as a writer right now? Have you in the past? I can sympathize with you. 😉 Was this article helpful for you? I would love to know! Please feel free to chat with me in the comments below! 😃

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6 thoughts on “What to do When You’re Feeling Down as a Writer

  1. I love to write down story ideas I have for future books. I actually don’t have them all in one place…? They’re scattered through word documents, notes, and scribbled on pieces of paper that are then lost somewhere in the dark abyss called my room. (Just kidding; my room is pretty clean 😆 I just shove them all into one drawer and they get lost among smaller notebooks and stuff)

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  2. Encouraging and timely as ever, thanks Caleb! I also have a place where I keep all my ideas, it’s the only way to keep track of them all. I call it my Butterfly Jar because it’s somewhere I can catch and keep all the ideas that flit around my head and distract me 🙂

    Sometimes when I’m really down I go back and read stuff I wrote when I was younger and then I realise that even though I might not be amazing, I’m nowhere near as cringeworthy as I used to be 😛

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