Some Really Really Really Really REALLY Old Poems!!!

Oh my goodness guys! I just found even more poems, but these ones go really far back!! So here are three:


When the old spiders get tired,

Of their little webby home,

They just up and walk away,

Leaving it all alone.

The webs turn into cobwebs,

Old and a bit dry,

Inside are little snippets,

Of an unlucky fly,

Slowly they disintegrate,

The webs just disappear.

Or sometimes people come,

And wipe the cobwebs clear.


The withered leaves fall,

the clouds cover sky,

the bees buzz no more,

but on the ground the ground is dry.

The time has come,

of summers past,

but do not worry,

this will not last.

Soon the sun will shine again,

and times of joy, will shine like gem.

Now the leaves wither,

they fall and they die,

clouds are gray, and cover sky.

But soon,

summer is near,

all you must wait,

is just one small year.


It’s always the big things,

That catch attention,

Why can’t it be

all the little things?

It’s the mountains people go to,

It’s the sea, that people watch,

Nobody notices a little flower,

Just under their knee.

The little things are important,

The little things are landmarks to,

Why do people not notice them,

Even when they rush and bloom.

Well, there you go. Oh man I always share old poems. I should start writing more poetry. Then maybe they would be better.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these!! I know they’re not perfect but it’s always fun to see my old stuff.

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