My First Mock Cover! (Which I am Slightly Proud Of)

Hey guys! This wasn’t super recent but this is the first mock cover I made for A Silence in the Shadows. In fact, it’s the first mock cover I’ve made EVER! 😛

I am only ever so slightly proud of it. 😉

I also made several variations…

Well, that’s it for this week! Just wanted to share my mock cover with ya’ll!! 😀

So, how did you like my very first mock cover? Did you like it? Dislike it? Love it? Hate it? Don’t be shy, please chat with me in the comments below!! 😀

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18 thoughts on “My First Mock Cover! (Which I am Slightly Proud Of)

  1. Very nice! I like how the words fit on the picture so easily. It doesn’t look cramped at all! I think I might prefer if some of the minor words (“a” and “in the”) were in a simpler font, but that may just be me. I mess with fonts way too much in my own pictures!

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    1. I’ve already got the design o want for my own novel cover, just not sure if others can capture what I want from rough sketches.
      Also, did you publish this book?

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    2. I don’t mind at all! It’s good to know you like it! 😀
      I just took a picture of myself with a mask on, did some color correction, and then made it black all around. Then I put in the words and that was that. 😆
      Hmm…yeah I’m not sure how you get other people to know what you want the cover to look like (if you are getting someone to make it for you) I’ve never done that before.
      Have I published this? No, not yet, but I’m planning on it this summer! 🙂 I’m currently finishing up the final edits.

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      1. Wow, that is some talent! So you are a photographer? (Of course I ask!) I thought that the picture looked like you, so that’s very cool you added another touch of your own! Well, I feel like I could create my own cover, as I know all the editing tools and photography, but just not sure how professional it would turn out. What program did you use, if I can ask?
        Okay, where will you publish it? I was going to look for it in my library, but now I’ll look foreword to it with anticipation! How many have you published so far? Haha, I’ll be publishing my own in the summer as well!

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      2. I…wouldn’t say I was a photographer. If I was I wouldn’t be a very good one. 😬🤫
        Well you should try making a cover! (Even if it’s just a mock cover like this one) they’re a lot of fun to mess around with! Programs? Gimp and LibreOffice Impress.
        I’m going to be publishing through KDP publishing, which is the amazon indie-publishing company. I doubt it will ever get into libraries. 😆
        This is going to be my first professionally indie-published novel. (I have indie-published a couple short stories but not professionally and they’re awful and really old so yeah…)
        Hey that’s cool! What is yours about?


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