Top 10 Saddest Bookworm Moments

1: When you are holding the book with one hand, riveted to the story,and then one finger slips and the book shuts, thus loosing your page and bringing you out of the story.

2: When someone knocks on the door of your room and calls you for lunch.

3: When you reach for your beverage by your side, reading the book, and then you tip the glass too far and it spills on the book.

4: When you forget to put the bookmark on the page you were at.

5: When a careless someone tosses a book down on the table and doesn’t see it get bent.

6: When you accidentally rip a page.

7: When you are interrupted on the last paragraph of a book.

8: When a friend picks up one of the books off your shelf and while looking through it, bends the cover faaaar back.

9: When someone insults a character from a book and you personally love them.

10: When you watch as a careless reader curls the cover over double.

Do you relate to any of these sad moments in a bookworm’s life? I certainly do! (Well I probably should because I’m writing this post.)

Do you have more sad bookworm moments? Please share with me and others in the comment section below!! Let’s chat about bookwormy things! 😀

Do you think I should make a sequel post called Top 10 Happiest Bookworm Moments? That would be fun!! 😛

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Saddest Bookworm Moments

    1. *facebrickwall* Yeeeeeeeeees. And it’s happened more than once. You know I think people plan when they’re going to interrupt you, just so that they can interrupt you at the very end! XD


  1. Yas! I can sooo relate!! Or when someone sets a book down and fails to notice the damp counter or crumbs on the table they just subjected the book to! *dies* They are so careless with those covers and so inconvenient with their timing and YAASSS! I definitely relate. Great post!

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      1. Oooooooh okay so it’s like you post on your blog: “Look at this post that Caleb wrote!” and then share the blog post. Yeah that’s fine! Just give me credit as author of the post and that’s fine! 🙂

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  2. Oohh man all of these are so relatable! I especially hate it when you’re on the edge of your seat, about to read the cliffhanger at the end, and suddenly…you’re called away 😆

    Also, a HUGE problem I have is when I’m really excited about what’s going on in the book, and then I realize that the chapter’s ending, so I accidentally read the last paragraph and figure out the plot twist before I should’ve 😅

    And I would definitely read a Top 10 Happiest Bookworm Moments!

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  3. Yes! These are all so true! The two worst I’ve ever had were picking up a book only to discover that the first forty pages had been bound into the book upside down and the other was when all the signatures (groups of pages) were in the wrong order so the page numbers were all over the place and just as I got to a really exciting bit, it went from page 43 to 197 😦

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  4. Aren’t 8 and 10 kinda the same?
    I relate to most of these. I haven’t had the misfortune of being interrupted on the last paragraph, though.
    My worst bookworm moments are
    1. Finding out that your super nerdy, uber meta, book-related username, has already been taken XO
    2. Realising that the author HASN’T WRITTEN THE NEXT BOOK YET!

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    1. Haha well not necessarily. 8 is having your book cover pulled far back, where as 10 is having a reader just bend their book cover it’s not yours. And also they don’t just bend it, they curl it up!! 😫
      Aah good you have been spared that horrible interruption one! 😉
      😆 those are great! Yeah I’m reading a book series that is still being made and I’m waiting for the last book! 😋


  5. Yes. These are all so true! Especially the first one. I remember I was once so into a book and I accidentally did that, and I screamed because I was so shocked. 😂 Oops. Glad I was alone in my room at the time… 😛

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