Two Old Poems 2

Okay, guys! You all seemed to really enjoy the two old poems post, and so I’m going to do it again. I rustled up two more poems from my old school work which I am going to share with you today. Enjoy.

Sun, glinting off cold steel,

eyes, hard and brave,

a sword, sheathed, in a polished leather belt,

horses, pawing anxiously at the earth,

many soldiers, mounted on huge horses,

lances, polished, ready for battle,

chain mail, ringed for the fight,

muscles under plates of steel, trained and tensed,

brave knights, set and ready for hard, terrible war.

Caleb E King © 2018


Deadly breathing fire
Roaring with anger
Attacking with evil
Giving death to his enemies
On a mountain he lives
Naturally living in greed and power

Caleb E King © 2018

Please talk!

What did you think about these two poems? Which was your favorite? Please tell me in the comments below!! 🙂

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