3 Ways to Smash Writer’s Block

3 Ways to Smash Writer's Block ColorYou sit down to write, you know you should, you know you have to, you put your pencil on the paper or set your fingers to the keyboard, and then it goes blank. Nothing will come out. It feels like your fingers are stuck and you just can’t move them as hard as you try. You write three forced sentences and reading them over, realize they are probably the three worst sentences you’ve written in your life so you scratch them out or delete them.

Yes. Clear signs of one of a writer’s worst enemies. The dreaded Writer’s Block. I’ve had it before. Most other writer’s have too. Here are three tips to smash Writer’s Block out the window so that you can get back to writing.

Tip #1: Write One Thing

If you are so deep into writer’s block that you can even sit down to your work and write, then a good thing to do is tell yourself that you are just going to write one thing.

One word, or one sentence, or one paragraph, or something like that to just get you in your chair and write.

Then, if your already there, and you’ve already written one small thing, you may feel like you just want to do one more thing. So you do that, and then the creativity really starts to flow, and you continue writing. Before you know it, your back on track!

Tip #2: Have Some Fun

If you are just sick of your characters, plot, story, or a combination, and that is causing you writer’s block, then you should probably take a break from the entire novel and work on something else. Have fun!

Try writing a short story, or a poem, or even just an interview with one of your characters, or something like that!

Tip #3: Write Messily

Another thing that could really cause Writer’s Block could be that you are too caught up in the whole grammar thing. Chuck that clean out the window and your writer’s block may just go with it! Forget all the grammar you ever knew, and simply write. Blurt out all the sentences without going back and don’t even think about where the apostrophes go! Simply have fun and WRITE WRITE WRITE!!

I hope this article was helpful too you and I hope that you can now get back to writing! Ever suffered from Writer’s Block before? How did you get over it then? Did you use one of these techniques? Did they work? Please talk! I’d love to hear everything! 😀

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5 thoughts on “3 Ways to Smash Writer’s Block

  1. Something that helps me with writer’s block is to add a sudden plot twist. I’ll probably delete it later, but adding a plot twist such as the main character having a heart attack lets ideas flow out of me to make the part I’m stuck on more interesting.
    Then again, I’m not an actual writer, so maybe my advice is bad lol

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    1. I think sometimes what helps me (also not really a writer) is if the character is running to the park (or whatever) and in my outline he’s supposed to get there, I’ll suddenly write “then he slipped on a banana peel and broke his arm and was in the hospital for three weeks”. Of course I’ll delete this later and finish the story, but it helps me to start having fun again.

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    2. Yes, that is also a great way to break the block. Add something exciting that is totally random to your story and then delete it later! It gets your mind excited about what will happen so you can keep working. I’ve heard writer’s say that helps them, so no it’s not bad advice! 😀
      LOL yeah that’s probably a sure sign you need to go to bed. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Writer’s are weird sometimes. XD

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