Four Part Blog Series: Beginning a Novel: Part 2: Fleshing out the Theme

Fleshing out the Theme ColorSo now you’ve written down the main ideas of your story, you have the basic blocks of your novel outline complete. Now you want to begin fleshing out your theme some more.

1: Brainstorm

Even though you have what the idea of the theme is, think about this: how do the different characters respond to the theme? How do they feel about it? What’s their side on the theme? How do your side characters tempt and persuade the protagonist to do good and do bad?

It’s really good to look at these things and draw them out, because they will be important for your story. They will make writing much easier if you are prepared about what you are going to write, and they make revising much easier because you won’t have a zigzagging theme.

2: Outside Advice

Talk to people! Even though you are the author, you need input on things sometimes. Ask people what they think about the theme, if it will fit with the character’s and plot, and all that. Get several people’s ideas on this because you don’t want to be stuck with one person’s opinion if they get something wrong or just don’t have many good ideas.

3: The Weaving Begins

Begin thinking of how you are going to weave your theme throughout the story. I mean, if you just go and try to write it without even thinking about where the theme is going to go, it is going to be pretty hard to pull off a good novel. So, think first about how you are going to put that theme in there before you really do. If you don’t like how it’s going, you can always pull the thread back and begin weaving it again in a better, cooler way! This will help a lot to not get stuck while your actually writing your story, making a zigzagging theme, and just over all help the story be more straight and clear for the reader.

I hope these three ideas about fleshing out your theme are helpful to you. Please keep up to date with my blog if you want to continue reading this blog series, and if you don’t want to miss a post again, receive writing updates from me, and get two exclusive short stories along the way, join my email list here!

What did you think about these ideas on how to flesh out your novel? Helpful?

Have you been struggling with the whole character arc, message, theme thing? I sure am!!

Are you well on your way with the theme for your novel? Do you even think about your theme?

Please talk, I would love to know how your story is going!

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2 thoughts on “Four Part Blog Series: Beginning a Novel: Part 2: Fleshing out the Theme

  1. I can’t exactly put my finger on what my theme is for Lost Memories. I know what the other theme is, though. 🙂

    Also, what’s a zigzagging plot?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out what my theme is if I haven’t written it down and planned it out before I write.
    Zigzagging as in the theme is going one way, then you decide to take it another way, and then you try to go back to the first way, and it just gets all messed up in your story by the end. You want to have a good straight theme that keeps moving instead of just have it going all over the place.


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