Four Part Blog Series: Beginning a Novel: Part 1: The Spark

The Spark ColorHey all!

Today I’m going to post the first part in a blog series, called ‘Beginning a Novel’. It’s a four part series. We’ll cover when you get that first little spark for a novel in your head, all the way to having a complete outline for your novel and good, rounded characters. I really hope that it is helpful to you!

The spark has been ignited. Someone or something has sent those writer gears spinning like crazy. Now you feel like you just want to sit down with your brand new idea and characters and write the entire novel write now. Well, I know you can’t do that and hopefully you know you can’t do that too. Here are three ways to be able to get your story set up so that you can begin writing a good outline before you actually write.

1: Write Everything Down

The name is pretty much it. Write everything down. If there is some little joke you think would be good in your story, write it down. If there is an awesome line you heard someone say and you think that would be perfect for your character, write it down. If there is an awesome subplot you think of that has nothing to do with the story, write it down. Even if you know that you are not going to use it in your novel but kinda want to hang onto it until later, write it down.

2: Think About It

When you’ve written everything down, sleep on your story. This is really good because it lets you rest from your big ideas and little explosions of inspiration to keep working on it. It lets you think about the meaning of the theme, the plot, and all of that. Is this really good enough to invest a ton of your time into creating a full novel? This will take time to be written, looked over, alpha read, beta read, edited, and then published. It will be long and hard work. But if you think you and your story is up for it, keep on going!

3: Fill out the Main Story

The spark to write could be anything, a character, a place, a setting, scene, a line, or even just the theme for your novel but nothing else. Well, since you’ve written down all that you’ve come up with, you’re going to want to think and write down ideas of what the rest of the story might look like. If you’ve got a character but nothing else, then go ahead and try to write about what the character’s problems might be, or what the theme will be around him. And you don’t have to feel like you can only write down the really good ideas that are going to be for your story. You can totally write the bad ideas!! It’s not going to be a finished manuscript for a while now, so go ahead and throw all those ideas down on paper, then later you can wade through them and cut out the stuff you don’t really want. And besides, many of the “good” ideas aren’t even going to go into your story, because if you are a writer, you know that sometimes the story just doesn’t go the way you planned!

Here are three ideas to begin your story. Please keep up to date with my blog if you want to continue reading this blog series, and if you don’t want to miss a post again, receive writing updates from me, and get two exclusive short stories along the way, join my email list here!

What did you think about these ideas? Helpful? Already done them? Already finished outline and off into your novel? If you are, what stage are you at? Please talk, I would love to know how your story is going!

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4 thoughts on “Four Part Blog Series: Beginning a Novel: Part 1: The Spark

  1. Hey! I like the new blog banner! And I’m excited about this four part series! Writing things down is CRUCIAL! I try to write everything down when the idea hits in my green idea journal. Because, I’ve put it off before and it can never be regained once lost. Sadness. Always write stuff down, guys! So true!

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