The Benefits of Writing in the Morning (or Night)

Writing ColorI get up in the morning, have my time with the Lord, and then sit down on the chair at my desk, open up the lid of my laptop, and start writing.

I don’t eat breakfast, don’t do anything else, until I have written. For me, writing in the morning is the best time. Here are some of the best benefits that I get from beginning my day with writing.

1. Peace and Quiet

Probably the best thing I get out of writing in the morning is the peace and the quiet. I don’t have to have anybody knocking on my door, asking me to do something, or anything like that. It is a perfect time to write (especially if you have annoying siblings like me ;)).

Although I’m mostly talking about writing in the morning, this goes for night time too. When most of the your family has gone to bed and they won’t be wanting to talk to you anymore, you can get up and get that writing done!

2. No Distractions

Another great reason that writing in the morning (or night) is that you are either not yet doing school (or work) or you are done with school (or work). There’s none of that “in the middle of the day” kind of stuff that you need to do. It’s either in the future, or already said and done. This gives you much more time to be able to sit down and write.

3. A Clear Mind

When I get up in the morning, I don’t have to really think about what’s going to happen that day. I am not fitting writing in to any real schedule, because I have a couple hours more or less before I have to start school and the “in the middle of the day” activities. It really let’s me focus much more and be able to put the words down on the paper (well, for me it’s put the words down on the laptop screen).

When you are writing at night, you have already done the things you have to do that day and now all you have to do is write until bed time (or maybe way passed your bed time, depending on how exciting the chapter is … or how early your bed time is … or maybe both).

4. Fresh and Rested

In the morning I wake up all rested and ready to write! I haven’t socialized with anyone that day and I haven’t had to do any activities that would make me tired or not want to write. I am all rested and really ready to begin writing. This is also a big reason. I have not been dragged down at all by the day’s activities, because they haven’t begun!

So those are a good few of the benefits of getting up just a little bit earlier in the morning (don’t sleep in now guys, because the more your head is on the pillow, the less your fingers are holding the pen or typing on the keyboard) you can really get things done!

Now I’m not saying that you can’t write any other times of the day (you should!) or that you have to every morning no matter what. Everyday will be a little bit different, but if you try to stay to this plan as much as possible, you may just see some growth in how much you are writing!

Please comment if you enjoyed this post!  Do you think this might help you?  What is the most thing that you need to work on?

By the way, don’t you just love these little guys? Grinning Color

I need to find out a name for them.  Comment name ideas! They can be my mascots! XD

14 thoughts on “The Benefits of Writing in the Morning (or Night)

  1. I do the same thing Caleb. I get up early in the morning and work on my art projects. The best benefit for me is that there are no distractions.

    I love those little marshmallow guys. Maybe you should call them, writing pals, or writing tips, or something.

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  2. Name the little dude Marshy. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Omni Jacala, but his little dude is named Mushy (and it’s a mushroom). Naming yours Marshy would put you into the realm of amazingness like Omni.

    Also, I write at night. Writing is obviously not my main hobby, but when I do it, It’s usually 9-10 o clock at night. I get up and immediately start school in the mornings.

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    1. Hmm, Marshy is a good idea! XD No, I’ve never heard of that guy. 🙂
      Yes, why I talked a lot about writing in the mornings is because I’m a morning person, but this totally is the same for night owls. 😀

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  3. Really great benefits! I typically write in the morning and evening, just depending on what my schedule is like. And how my school is going, etc. I get what you mean about your siblings. XD

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  4. These are some good points. I’m totally a morning person. I don’t do well–brain functionality wise–late at night. Oddly enough, there are some nights I can’t seem to turn my brain off and it’s when I do some of my best brain storming, but I typically make a lot more sense in the mornings. XD

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  5. I think “a cleared mind” Is the best thing out of working in the morning because I find myself ready to work on projects and have more motivation and inspiration then the evening, Although of course you can get ideas and inspiration at any time of the day but that motivation really helps me continue projects and have a fresh feeling about them usually, lets say I have something that I worked on a couple of days ago, I can just open that project up and get a fresh look at it whale also having the motivation to work on it. (Depending on the project that’s not always the case lol, but it usually is.)

    Thanks Caleb for writing this 🙂

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  6. I enjoyed your comments on writing in the morning and evening. Yes, a quiet, non-distracting time is great. Thanks for your thoughts
    Grandpa Bob

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