Character Bio: Angela Crystal

Name: Angela Crystal
Story: A Silence in the Shadows
Occupation: The Silent Force
Equipment: Sword
Special Note: Angela Crystal was one of the five Silents chosen to travel and fight the Ocpot leader, Ath.

Angela Crystal is one of the few women Silents and at first Belak underestimated her, but she was one of the best Silents in the force. Though hot-headed and short tempered, she will protect any of her fellow Silents with her life.

Angela Crystal
Angela Crystal

4 thoughts on “Character Bio: Angela Crystal

  1. I’m new here and I was looking around when I saw the name Belak. Well, that happens to be my Name, Kaleb (I use Elrohir as a pseudonym) backwards! And yours as well, except with a K instead of a C. Was this intended to be your name backwards?

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    1. Hello! Welcome to my blog! I hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂
      Yeah, actually, you’re right! I did get the idea of the name from mine backwards. I just edited it so that it would end with a “C”. 😀


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