Synopsis: A Silence in the Shadows

Two young brothers, Jered and Faal Willii, are poor, hungry, and a little lonely. Their lives are simple, and they wish for more.

Then the tax collectors came. Mysterious bands of hooded people, coming and taxing innocent villagers without a cause – or so it seemed.

When one of their old friends are attacked by the tax collectors and then tell them that they are evil, Jered and Faal want to help. They are sent by their friend on a journey to receive magical wizard powers from a mysterious wizard in the mountains. With their new powers, they decide to fight the tax collectors, which they find out are monsters called Ocpots. But two boys against an army that is always growing more and more is an almost impossible case – until the Silents show up.

The Silents, a group of men and women trained in the arts of stealth, fighting, and endurance, have sworn to destroy the Ocpots and their evil cause. Jered, Faal, and the Silents join forces and begin to fight a long battle against the Ocpots. Then, on a mission to the Ocpot leader’s castle, Jered, Faal, and three other Silent friends, Crater Hawson, Belak Mander, and Angela Crystal, find out that the leader wants something so powerful that nobody but his race can handle it. The Silents struggle to stop him, but he is a very strong foe, and throws them back every time.

After a long time, Crater, Belak, and Angela are caught, and cannot help, so Jered and Faal must learn to work together and fight against him alone, in a battle to the death.

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